Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Behind the Scenes 2

Photos capturing some of the activity that goes on behind the scenes of the festival.

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  • Practicing for their open stage performance in Rhonda Murotake's room. From left: Dan Villani, Angela Villani, Rosanne Ramos, He'ui Bandmann, and Scott Vilhauer. PC-Rhonda Murotake.
  • More of the practice session. From left: Ken Woo, Dan Villani, Angela Villani, Rosanne Ramos, Rhonda Murotake, He'ui Bandmann, Scott Vilhauer. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Ken Woo on his Asher Akaka Limited Edition steel guitar, Dan Villani, Angela Villani. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Dan and Angela Villani. PC-Rhonda Murotake.
  • Emcee Mele Apana with the Next Generation of steel guitar players. From left: Kala'e Punua, Mālie Lyman, Mele Apana, Alexis Tolentino, Kawai'iki Punua. PC-Alan Akaka.
  • The audience is having too much fun. From left: He'ui Bandmann, Sharon Ching, Gale Warshawsky, Ken Woo, Addison Ching, Dan Villani, Angela Villani, Scott Vilhauer. PC-Rhonda Murotake.
  • Mele Apana and Kaua'i Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr.. PC-Alan Akaka.
  • Kaua'i Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr., Pomaika'i Lyman, and Alan Akaka. PC-Pomaika'i Lyman.
  • Ke Kula Mele steel haumana. From left: Rhonda Murotake, Dan Villani, He'ui Bandmann, Ken Woo, Alan Akaka. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • The photographer is photographed. Open Stage photographer Mark Alan Mendes is caught in action. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Festival Coordinator Addison Ching with Rhonda Murotake's good luck Yama. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • The performers enjoying the open stsage performances. From left: Ed Blanchet, Ron Tolentino (video recording the performances) and He'ui Bandmann. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Gale Warshawsky watches as Angela Villani, Rosanne Ramos, and Dan Villan prepare for their open stage performance. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Addison Ching discusses the schedule with Ed Blanchet as Rhonda Murotake gets ready for her performance. Ken Woo is anxiously awaiting his turn. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Jeff Au Hoy and Rhonda Murotake. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Another photographer caught in action. Photo journalist Annik Boivin is getting a shot of the Ke Kula Mele players. From left: Addison Ching, Gale Warshawsky, Mālie Lyman, Alexis Tolentino, Alan Akaka. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • A bird's-eye view of the performance venue. Jeff Au Hoy is performing. PC-Scott Vilhauer.
  • Steelers with Beauty Queens: From left: Alan Akaka, Mrs. Kauai International 2016 Amanda Smith, Jeff Au Hoy, Mrs. Honolulu International 2016 Pomaika'i Lyman, and Bobby Ingano. PC-Pomaika'i Lyman.
  • Michael Keale, Pomaika'i Lyman, Moses Kamai with a festival poster autographed by all featured performers, and Alan Akaka. PC-Moses Kamai.
  • Mrs. Honolulu International 2016 Pomaika'i Lyman with Moses Kamai. PC-Moses Kamai.
  • Pre-festival discussing. From left: Sandy Sardinha, Addison Ching, Greg Sardinha, Larry Holu. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Larry Holu, Greg Sardinha, Sandy Sardinha. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Panoramic view of the featured program moved indoors due to rain. Approximately 300 attendees filled the room to over-capacity. PC-Nalani Brun.
  • Another view of the audience during Ed Punua's performance. PC-Nalani Brun.
  • The Tolentinos - Andrea, Alexis and Ron. PC-Rhonda Murotake.
  • Festival T-shirts on sale. Due to their popularity, they were completely sold out. PC-Dave Kolars.
  • Entertainment runs in the family. Mālie Lyman and mom Pomaika'i Lyman. PC-Pomaika'i Lyman.
  • Alexis Tolentino and Mark Alan Mendes.

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Photography by Alan Akaka, Nalani Brun, Moses Kamai, Dave Kolars, Pomaika'i Lyman, Mark Alan Mendes, Rhonda Murotake, and Scott Vilhauer. ©2016 by HIMELE.

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