Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Ho'olaule'a 1

The Ho'olaule'a featured performances by steel guitar masters from Kaua'i and Honolulu.

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  • Emcee Mele Apana kicks off the 2016 Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival.
  • Kaua'i mayor Bernard Carvalho made a special guest appearance and offered opening remarks.
  • Mayor Carvalho acknowledging Alan Akaka in his remarks.
  • Mayor Carvalho emphasizes that the Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival is a welcomed event to his Island and gives his unconditional support to the event.
  • Mayor Carvalho. PC- Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Mayor Carvalho. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Alan Akaka snaps a picture of Mayor Carvalho and emcee Mele Apana. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Photo bomb by festival artist Kilipaki Vaighan.
  • The festival program was kicked off by steel guitarist Kilipaki Vaughan and the Waipa Serenaders.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan and the Waipa Serenaders - Nelson Armitage, Jen Waipa, and David Sproat. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan and Nelson Armitage with Mele Apana in the background.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan and the Waipa Serenaders with Kilipaki's wife Mehana dancing to Pua Ahihi
  • Audience view of the performance. PC-Mark Alan Mendes.
  • The festival's second performer was Kirk Smart with his son Ely. Both Kirk and his son showed versatility on various instruments.
  • Kirk Smart with Ely Smart.
  • Kirk Smart with Ely Smart.
  • Jeff Au Hoy with Garret Santos and Kirby Keough.
  • Jeff Au Hoy with Garret Santos and Kirby Keough.
  • Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Garret Santos, Jeff Au Hoy, and Kirby Keough. PC-Jennie Bergerson.

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