Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival


Two Friday evening workshops were conducted. Dave "DK" Kolars gave a presentation on Steel Guitar Construction, and Alan Akaka and Greg Sardinha moderated a Steel Guitar Question and Answer Forum.

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  • Dave "DK" Kolars talks about the steel guitar he constructed. Photo by Judy Van Sickle Meierhoffer.
  • The Steel Guitar Q&A forum was moderated by Alan Akaka and Greg Sardinha. Photo by Addison Ching.
  • Forum moderator Alan Akaka.
  • Forum moderator Greg Sardinha.
  • Next generation steel guitarist Mālie Lyman was on hand for playing demonstrations.
  • Next generation steel guitarist Alexis Tolentino also provided playing demonstrations.
  • Larry Holu demonstrates on Alexisʻ steel guitar.
  • Some of the forum participants. Photo by Addison Ching.
  • Another picture of forum participants.
  • Alexis demonstrates her playing while Greg Sardinha provides accompaniment.
  • Some of the forum participants tried their hands at playing technique while others asked questions.
  • Vickie Van Fechtmann engages Malie Lyman in a playing technique discussion.
  • Vickie Van Fechtmann tries her natural harmonics technique.
  • Greg answers a question about playing technique.

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