Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Exhibit and Demonstration

Steel guitars from the collections of Kaua'i steel guitarists Marty Curnan and Michael Soong and guitars from the collection of Geri Valdriz were on display for festival guests.

The festival featured hands-on opportunities for festival guests to learn more about the steel guitar and experience playing the instrument under the guidance of Daniel Tremblay.

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  • Daniel Tremblay provided the hands-on experience with the Hawaiian steel guitar that was very popular with festival guests.
  • Rickenbacher Model B Bakelite Panda lap steel guitar circa 1946 with "T" logo and tailpiece-mounted strings.
  • 1937 Rickenbacher Bakelite Panda lap steel guitar with through-body mounted strings. The original panels for this steel guitar were chrome-plated.
  • Rickenbacher Model A-25 7-string Frypan lap steel guitar circa 1930.
  • Fender 8-string Dual Stringmaster D8 console steel guitar.
  • 1977 Fender Deluxe 6 lap steel guitar.
  • 1945 Electromuse lap steel guitar.
  • Electro Model 105 lap steel guitar circa 1960.
  • Hand-crafted acoustic steel by Dave ''DK'' Kolars.
  • Excel (Japan) 8-string Jerry Byrd Frypan.
  • Daniel goes over some steel guitar basics during a hands-on demonstration.
  • Verdeen and Geri Valdriz. Geri is repsonsible for the festival steel guitar exhibits. Photo by Addison Ching.
  • Geri Valdriz and Marty Curnan. Marty provided some of the steel guitars on display. Photo by Addison Ching.

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