Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Ho‘olaule‘a 1

Saturday's Ho‘olaule‘a featured six steel guitarists and the Chieffess Kamakahelei Middle School Chorus and ‘Ukulele Band and Kapa‘a Middle School Choir and ‘Ukulele Band performing with NextGen steel guitarists. The Ho‘olaule‘a concluded with a finale featuring all steel guitarists playing at the same time.

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  • Co-host Lay Ipo Kahaunaele-Ferreira.
  • Hoʻolauleʻa emcees Alan Akaka and Lady Ipo Kahaunaele-Ferreira.
  • Co-host Alan Akaka.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan with Kauaʻi mayor Derek Kawakamiʻs festival proclamation.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan presents the proclamation to Alan Akaka.
  • Featured steel guitarist Kilipaki Vaughan with Adam and Kaipo Asing.
  • Itʻs a family affair. Kilipakiʻs son Piko on ʻukulele with daughters Ana and Nae dancing hula.
  • Pakiʻs wife Dr. Mehana Vaighan also dancing hula.
  • Featured steel guitarist Kapono Lopes.
  • Kapono Lopes with Adam Asing, Alan Akaka, and Kaipo Asing.
  • Mary Lardizabal, director of the Kapaʻa Middle School Choir and ʻUkulele Band.
  • Mary Lardizabal and Alan Akaka with members of the Kapaʻa Middle School Choir and ʻUkulele Band.
  • NextGen musicians Joey Misailidis on steel guitar and Tai Misailidis on electric bass performed with the Kapaʻa Middle School Choir and ʻUkulele Band.
  • Joey and Tai with Kapaʻa Middle School band members.
  • Tai and Joey switch instruments with Tai on the steel guitar and Joey on the electric bass.
  • The hoʻolauleʻa standing room only audience.
  • Another view of the audience.
  • The Kapaʻa Middle School Choir and ʻUkulele Band.
  • Featured steel guitarist Dave ʻʻDKʻʻ Kolars from DeKalb, Illinois, with Adam and Kaipo Asing.
  • Featured steel guitarist Geronimo ʻʻGeriʻʻ Valdriz with Adam and Kaipo Asing.

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