Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage 1

Friday's Open Stage program featured steel guitarists from Hawaii, California, Washington, and Alaska.

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  • The festival banner served as the stage backdrop.
  • Steel guitarist Jess Montgomery with Dennis Chun on guitar and Greg Sardinha on U-bass.
  • Dennis Chun, Jess Montgomery, and Greg Sardinha.
  • A modest audience at the beginning of the program.
  • Another audience view.
  • Another view of the open stage guests.
  • Steel guitarist Kris Oka from San Francisco.
  • Mark Gaponoff from Washington with Aunty Manu Lono and Greg Sardinha.
  • Aunty Manu Lono, Mark Gaponoff, and Greg Sardinha. Mark also played his fiddle. Photo by Kris Oka.
  • Steel guitarist Vickie Van Fechtmann.
  • Steel guitarist Rhonda Murotake with Heuʻi Bandmann, Ethan Goore, Scott Vilhauer, and Natan Goore.
  • Rhonda Murotake and Scott Vilhauer.
  • The audience varied as much as the performances.
  • Steel guitarist Barbara Bones. Photo capture from video by Kris Oka.
  • Steel guitarist Heuʻi Bandmann with Rhonda Murotake, Ethan Goore, and Natan Goore.
  • Heuʻi Bandmann surrounded by her students Kiʻileiah Jeffries (left) and Ginger Kamalei Hilliard, with Rhonda, Ethan, and Natan.
  • Rhonda Murotake, Ethan Goore, Kiʻileiah Jeffries, Heuʻi Bandmann, and Ginger Kamalei Hilliard. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Rhonda Murotake, Ethan Goore, Kiʻileiah Jeffries, Heuʻi Bandmann, Ginger Kamalei Hilliard, and Natan Goore. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Rhonda, Ethan, Kiʻileiah, Heuʻi, Ginger, and Natan. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Ginger Kamalei Hilliard holding her gifted steel guitar, Heuʻi Bandmann, and Kiʻileiah Jeffries. Photo by Alan Akaka.

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