Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Exhibits, Workshops and Demonstrations

The festival featured an exhibit of vintage steel guitars, workshops by Alan Akaka and Greg Sardinha, and hands-on demonstrations presented by Daniel Tremblay.

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  • Geri Valdriz with some of the vintage steel guitars on display.
  • Alan Akaka, Greg Sardinha, and Sandy Sardinha at the festival store.
  • Alan Akaka presented a steel guitar workshop titled ''Want to BE A PLAYER?''
  • NextGen steel guitarists Ethan Goore and Pono Fernandez also participated in the workshop.
  • NextGen steel guitarists Tai Misailidis, Joey Misailidis and Rebecca Woo listen intently to the presentation.
  • Daniel Tremblay and Rusty Strange from Massachusetts also participated.
  • Some of the other workshop participants.
  • Greg Sardinha presented a workshop on ''More Tips and Tricks.''
  • Daniel Tremblay provided hands-on demonstrations to festival guests. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Daniel answers a question as a festival guest tries out the steel guitar. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • Alan Akaka, Greg Sardinha, and Sandy Sardinha at the festival store.

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